BIBA Member Frank Reynolds named by Inc. Magazine as 'one of Amerca's most innovative entrepreneurs'

We are very proud that Frank Reynolds, BIBA Member and past speaker who is InVivo Therapeutics President and CEO, has been identified as one of 'America's most innovative entrepreneurs' in the October 2009 issue of Inc. Magazine.

(From Reuters) In the article entitled "The New and Improved You," Inc. highlights ten medical technologies being developed to treat different parts of the body, including a section on "The Spine" featuring Reynolds and InVivo Therapeutics.

The article, which breaks down the body into nine sections, the Eyes, the Ears, the Heart, the Spine, the Bladder, the Hips, the Arms, the Legs, and the Knees, describes the newest technologies that are working to keep quality of life up,and health care expenses down. Being recognized as one of the "biggest, most important trends in medical technology" is an honor and a thrill for Reynolds and his InVivo team.

"All scientific development is a team effort so I accept any accolades I receive on behalf of my team at InVivo Therapeutics Corporation," says Reynolds. "We have worked diligently for the past four and a half years to bring the first treatment for spinal cord injury to market, and look forward to the day we receive FDA approval for our first technology."

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Well Done to FRANK and all his team at INVIVO! 

Introducing BIBA

This past year has been an extraordinary one in the annals of both the United States and Ireland. Each country has experienced unprecedented economic challenges that have resulted in a collapse of the real estate market, paralyzed financial markets, and spiraling unemployment. Many, if not all, of our members have been impacted by these tough economic times in one way or another. Understanding this, our Board of Directors has decided to make an important move that will give our organization autonomy and allow us to better concentrate on helping our members get through these tough times and continue to grow. Effective immediately, The Ireland Chamber of Commerce USA New England is now the Boston Irish Business Association (BIBA).

US Congressman Tip O’Neill once said that ‘All Politics is Local’. His point was simple, focus on your own backyard first and everything else will fall into place. It is in this spirit that we have decided to change the focus of our organization, concentrating our efforts at home in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. We will publicly announce the launch of the Boston Irish Business Association (BIBA) in September. As BIBA, we will work hard to maintain and expand the fantastic network we have built, especially within the environs of the Massachusetts business, political and academic communities. We will use these contacts and affiliations to further build our strong ties with Ireland and with other national organizations with a similar affinity.

The launch of BIBA will incorporate our rebranding and the establishment of an improved meeting calendar, which will include more events, tailored to specific industry verticals. We will revamp our morning and evening speaker series and establish a new young professional’s organization. We will also be reaching out to other like-minded business organizations in the state and we will work to cement the fine relationships we have built at both the Massachusetts State House and Boston City Hall.

We also intend to refocus or efforts on the valuable business network we have created over the years. There are many great organizations in Boston that deliver services and value when the members do business with each other. . Organic growth comes through opportunity. Accordingly, we plan to create a social and electronic networking program to foster real communications and a true ‘BIBA business first’ attitude. We will provide opportunities through our events, our database, our Boston Innovation Center (located in Boston’s Financial District) and our online social network. Watch out in the next few weeks as we launch our updated website (, Linked In Group (BIBA Boston) and Twitter Site, BIBA Boston (@BIBA_Boston). In the meantime you can still contact us on the exchannels.

You will soon receive your 2009 renewal - the terms and benefits of your membership shall remain the same. We intend to do all we can to ensure a seamless and efficient transition. Please join us in creating strength and opportunity. We have many volunteer positions open and will unveil our new structure and operating plans in our official September launch. I look forward to welcoming you all and getting down to business. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call (617 350 3046).